Irwin® Strait-Line® 64610 Replacement Chalk Line
Item #BC003859

Irwin® Strait-Line® Replacement Chalk Line, Twisted Cotton, 100 ft L
  • Line delivers multiple snaps of 0.040 in thickness, available in 0.020 in thickness
  • New anchor ring provided with each replacement line
  • Twisted cotton line holds more chalk for multiple line strikings
  • For use with 2GN45, 3PU85, 3PU86, 3VU85, 4CL90, 4YU86, 4YU87, 5MD32-5MD35, 5MD39, 6R205, 6R214, 6R224, 6R225 chalk line reels
MaterialTwisted Cotton
Dimensions100 ft L