Flange Wizard® 496-WW-17 Pipe Wrap, Medium, For Use With 2 - 16 in Pipe, Non-Asbestos
Item #BC839006

Flange Wizard® Pipe Wrap, For Use With: 2 - 16 in Pipe, Medium, Non-Asbestos, Screened, 60 in L x 3-7/8 in W
  • Wizard wrap, made from a non-asbestos, heat resistant material, has a nice thick edge for easier more accurate marking and helps keep your soapstone from slipping
  • 36 in tape measure printed on the medium and large Wizard-limits the need for an extra tape measure
  • Circumference and quartering scale printed on every wrap-limits the need for calculation
  • Packaged in a durable, reusable container that will hold up in your tool box
  • Corrigated tube case material
  • Heat resistant material
Dimensions60 in L x 3-7/8 in W
Suitable For Use With2 - 16 in Pipe